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Lillian Joubert

Lillian Joubert lives in rural North Dakota and dreams of the next road trip with her husband. She loves cuddling her kitties, hiking, and traveling with her husband and rescue pup. She loves writing RomCom books for those who love clean romcom stories anchored in hope & humor.

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Lillian's Story

A long time ago, I was at this job interview and the interviewer asked me if I could put a billboard up anywhere, where would I put it up and what would be on it. It stumped me at first . . . but after thinking for a few seconds, I knew my answer. I told her I'd place it on this long stretch of road between North Dakota and Montana. And that whatever I placed on the billboard, I wanted it to either give home or make people laugh. That's when I found out that's my mission with my books. I love writing stories for my readers that shares a hope for the future as well as humor to get people through tough times. 

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New books will be posted here as soon as they are available for preorder.

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