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You can’t plan love... or can you?



Addison’s lifelong dream to inherit her family’s Dakota Prairie Rose Inn, was put in jeopardy by her great-aunt’s surprise retirement and a strict family tradition. To secure the inn, she has to find a fiancé or spouse before Christmas, less than a month away. She has a plan though - rekindle the love with her high school sweetheart. But if her plans falter, how would she conceal the fact that she’s as single as a stray mitten on a snowy slope?

A chance encounter with a stranger leaves her at a crossroads - would it bring her dream to life or ruin her chance of owning the inn forever?


Teddy never felt like he belonged anywhere, and certainly not stranded for an entire day in a dinky little North Dakota airport during a blizzard. To make matters worse, he couldn’t even secure a hotel room for the night.

That’s when Addison, a quirky yet intriguing North Dakotan girl who returned from NYC, opened up to him about her life. After awkwardly witnessing a cringe-worthy baggage claim debacle with her and her ex, he found himself offering to be her “freelance” fiancé. Will they both get what they want, or lose everything?


Freelance Fiancé at Mistletoe Inn is a fake fiancé Christmas RomCom set in the fictional small town of Story Brandt, North Dakota. You'll find plenty of holiday, bookish, and Princess Bride mentions in this closed door romantic comedy. When you pop open the covers of the book, it’ll feel like coming home at the holidays. It's the first book in the Love in Story Brandt - Sweet Rom Com Series, but it can be read as a standalone.

PRINT - Freelance Fiancé At Mistletoe Inn

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