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Carly's life is best described in two words: Under Pressure. She's drowning her sorrows in spoonfuls of bingsu, irritated with the constant stress from her job as a psychologist in New York City. She worries she'll never find her soulmate because everything is too hectic—even though her mother and grandmother take it upon themselves to be her virtual matchmakers. Carly practices a healthy dose of retail therapy and dancing to k-pop while stress baking and attempting not to burn down her kitchen.


Longing for a breather, Carly escapes to her favorite break from reality in rural North Dakota to visit her best friend, Addison, at her family's inn. 


The problem is, Addison's infuriatingly attractive cowboy cousin, Ben, still works the family's business as the ranch hand, making avoiding the man she once thought she could love impossible. How could she still have feelings for a man who thinks she’s just a high maintenance city girl?




Ben lives a simple, calm, and quiet life, like the whispering prairie grass in the rural plains of North Dakota–that is if he isn’t on the back of a bucking horse in rodeos. He prefers spending time with horses and his camera over people any day, which makes it hard to find his dream woman, especially in a small town, since it seems like everyone good is taken. 


When his cousin, Addison, drops a manure-smelling bomb on him that Carly is coming to visit for a few weeks, it worsens when she asks him to pick Carly up from the airport. What irritated him the most about her was how she made him feel so small, which reminded him of his dad. How could he ever be with someone that made him feel insignificant? He’d rather clean prickly ash out of trees behind the barn than spend time with her.


Desperate to help the sister of one of his students who is battling thoughts of suicide, he urgently asks Carly for help. Will this horse therapy partnership pull them closer together? Or could it push them away from each other for good? And will Carly be able to push off her mother and grandmother's matchmaking before it’s too late?


Saddle up for a delightful ride through romance, laughter, and bingsu-flavored kisses! Preorder your copy today!

PREORDER PRINT BOOK - Lassoed by Love & Bingsu Kisses

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