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Embark on a journey of love and adventure in "Travel Troubles & True Love," where eight couples find romance amidst the misadventures they're thrown into. This heartwarming and laugh-out-loud anthology is filled with rival vloggers who are forced together in a charity race, a romance at a work retreat at a ski resort, a grumpy cowboy encounter, business trips gone awry, cruising with an enemy turned lover, unexpected road trips with a brother's best friend, a journey to the Grand Ole Opry, and chance encounters in an airport with luggage mix-ups. Each story showcases how love can grab onto you in the most unexpected way, even in the craziest travel situations.

Get ready to embark on a journey of the heart, as you witness the power of love found in crazy travel troubles. True love can be found everywhere.

**Books on preorder... you'll receive these when the books arrive to our office. Give 2-4 weeks after ordering.

PRINT - Travel Troubles & True Love

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